Rustic Country Style Home Decor

Connecting with the outdoors:

Decorating in the rustic form is all about connecting with the outdoors. There has always been something exciting about the rustic theme. This theme has been in existence since many decades, where people had no option but to the best with what they had. This decorating style has always been popular since decades and continues to hold its place on the decorating scene even today. This decorating form has been spoken of as comforting, charming, relaxing as well as appealing.

It is not at all an obstacle bringing home the outdoors into the interior of your home. Though the great outdoors are far away from your home you done need to sacrifice modern sensibilities to acquire this charming style. Capturing all the elements of the outdoors is not feasible at all but a lot can be done to copy the rough creations, log walls, rough hewn beams, stone etc. to make an impressive rustic style.

Neutral, natural tones and textures:

Natural and neutral textures taken from the nature provide the perfect country home decorating style. Try and use wood that is not planned well. Don’t be overly concerned about imperfections. Unpolished granite, rough weathered rocks, plank floors, etc. can be quite impressive. Furniture can be made with knotted wood pieces, planks or logs which can be set against a neutral plain background. Sturdy pieces can be obtained from garage sales or the flea markets.

Try out pieces with work out natural finishes. Stone can be used to make a dividing wall. Coarse woolens, rag rugs, hides of animals, heavily textured materials are a common scene in a country style decorated home. Those who prefer a well used horny look, they can uses pieces of wood with worn out finishing. Some enthusiasts love to set a sliced tree coffee table, a rustic rocking chair chairs tied together without adhesives or nails etc. all set against a neutral pale background. By adding your own creative ideas you can evolve your own country home decorating style for your home.

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