Indian Furniture Information – What is the Sandook?

Indian furniture is not just a kind of furniture, but it is actually a part of one of the oldest, most vibrant and vividly remembered cultures. All Indian furniture has thousands of years of history, and the types of furniture available today are almost as exquisite and beautiful as their prerequors. While Indian furniture is for its beauty, our ancestors firmly believed in waste-not-want-not, therefore all furniture was as a balance between form and factor. One such furniture is the sandook.

What is the Sandook?

The Sandook is an ancient Indian name to a treasure chest – and it looks exactly like how a treasure chest looks in those comic books and movies that we have watched. While treasure chests were made of steel and iron, some of them were also made of wood. And since these chests had a treasure in them, they were quite sturdy. Almost every sandook, or treasure chest had some firm locks to ensure that went inside, stayed inside.

What can you use the Sandook for today?

After those romantic times of sandooks holding unforeseen treasures, they were used quite commonly as furniture to store household goods, right from daily clothes to food and food grains to jewelery. In fact, before the cupboard or the almirah, the sandook was a common occurrence in an Indian household. The sandook can be used for the same reason today – to store clothes, children's toys, jewelery, expensive art, etc.

The sandook can also be used to add elegant and authentic medieval touch to a room decor. Of course, a big enough sandook makes a very good playing object for adolescents and children.

Is a Sandook too Big?

While sandooks can be actually as big as requiring a whole room for them, they are available in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can use the sandook to store clothes, jewelery, money, etc.

The Sandook is, therefore, a part of Indian furniture that is also closely related to the culture of the great country. If you wish to imbibe parts of authentic India in your house, you simply can not ignore the sandook.

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